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BMW 7Series LWB

Traditional & Luxurious

The most luxurious highest specification flagship BMW vehicle.



The safest vehicle on the road today.

Beautiful & Classy

A vehicle to be in and to be seen in. ‘Classic and beautiful, like a lounge on 4 wheels’.

Full of Technology

A technological masterpiece, with more options than you ever thought possible in a car.

Highest Quality Materials

From the soft, sumptuous, highest quality leathers to the most exquisite machined solid wood, the BMW 7 Series Long Wheel base is your very own lounge for the road. Everything you see and touch oozes Comfort, Refinement and Luxury.

Built in Technology

The BMW 7 Series LWB has a whole host of technologies never before seen in a car, such as rear & side passenger blinds, rear entertainment system, and the most legroom in its class.