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Audi A8 LWB

Ultimate in Luxury

The most luxurious, highest specification, flagship Audi vehicle.


The safest vehicle on the road today.

Beautiful & Classy

A vehicle to be in and to be seen in. ‘Your own private jet for the road’.

Full of Technology

A technological masterpiece, with more options than you ever thought possible in a car.

Highest Quality Materials

From the soft, sumptuous, highest quality leathers and Alcantara, to the most exquisite machined metals, the Audi A8 long wheel base is your very own private jet for the road. Everything you see and touch oozes Quality, Refinement and Luxury.

Quattro 4 Wheel Drive

Quattro is a permanent all-wheel-drive system that guarantees that we get to you, whatever the weather. The principle is simple: in the same way that four brakes ensure better deceleration, four permanently-driven wheels deliver better acceleration and road-holding, pushing or pulling the car as needed, for a driving experience that’s both dynamic and safe.

Built in Technology

The Audi A8 LWB has a whole host of technologies never before seen in a car, such as built in WI-FI, audiophile quality sound system, rear passenger blinds, heated seats, reclining seats (where applicable), extended interior LED lighting and a Google Earth mapping system with live traffic reports, to list just a few!